Welcome to Rosanyos Boxers, the home of well bred, happy, healthy boxers, we are a somewhat small kennel in comparison to other breeders/kennels in the UK, however, our small select kennel is the home of quality happy boxers that we are proud to live with. 

However, due to past family circumstances we have had to keep a very small but select family of boxers. Due to this, during the past few years our dogs have missed a vast amount of shows, including many championship shows. However, we are proud to say that the shows they have competed at have been very successful days. This small family of boxers are of the highest standard and although in most cases shown in the South West and neighbouring regions of England they are consistently winning top honours at shows. 

Rosanyos boxers are based in the very small tranquil hamlet of Herniss, Nr Penryn in West Cornwall, England, UK. As you can imagine they are all well seasoned travelers, as a vast amount of the shows are in excess of 100 miles distant from their home base. 

I (Yolanda) have been around dogs for over 30 years having been the main handler of the Tonantron kennel in the early years and handling many of their boxers to their ‘Champion’ title. 

I met my partner Ross back in 1994 who had purchased a R/W dog called ‘Charlie’ from my parents who turned out to be a rather lively & mischievous example of the breed. My parents had promised Ross that I would handle his dog for him at our local ringcraft club (bearing in mind that Ross had no interest in showing his dog) – I actually hated taking his dog for him and took an immediate dislike to Ross! Who would have thought that in months to come we would become an ‘item’! 

Although Charlie was never really a potential show puppy, our lasting memories of him are not of his ‘acts’ in the show ring but of his ‘acts’ in the household, of which are too numerous to mention! However, he has run through doors, ate a whole kitchen, emptied the fridge & the freezer (too many times to mention!), turned the cooker and hob on, almost caught the kitchen alight and tried to get run over by a car!! He could also escape from most things, but he lived a good life and made the grand old age of 12. 

In 1997 we purchased a R/W bitch from my parents “Tonantron Red Dancer” (Solo), she was a very flashy girl who loved the show ring, although only shown at Open show level she has won many 1sts, Best Puppy in Breed, Best of Breed and numerous group placings. Even as a veteran she enjoyed teaching the children ‘how its done’. Although we lost Solo to old age just short of her 12th birthday, her presence is still felt throughout the home. 

During August 2002 we purchased a 14 month old B/W bitch from the Winuwuk kennels, Winuwuk True Story (Sybil). Although Sybil had completed her puppy career elsewhere she was consistently placed in Minor Puppy & Puppy classes at Championship Shows. I continued to show her through Junior & Limit which she was consistently placed in. At Open shows she has won numerous Best of Breed awards, Groups and group placings. She was later mated to CH & Ir CH: Blueprint Beer'n Skittles at Walkon but unfortunately she did not carry. Sybil is now 8 years old and is still as lively as ever, she has a faultless body clock when it comes to alerting us to feed her!! Sybil has had occasional outings in Veteran classes and has been very successful, she hasn’t lost her style in the ring and thoroughly enjoys it. 

Towards the end of 2002 we purchased a R/W bitch from my parents ‘Tonantron Best Sella at Rosanyos’ (Stella) who became a very successful puppy winner at Open shows and a natural mother. Stella was mated to Faerdorn Back to the Future at Tonantron which produced a lovely B/W dog puppy called ’Rosanyos Blue Lagoon’ (Blue) who is a championship show class winner, qualified for Crufts and a multiple Best Puppy in Breed winner at Open shows. Blue is confidently offered at stud to approved bitches only, heart tested 1/2. Blue’s puppies all have excellent temperaments for both showing and family pets, he has produced good looking sound boxers, some of them at just 6 months old already winning Best Puppy in Breed at Open shows. Blue has also produced Best Puppy in Show winners at Open show level, Best of Breed winners (as puppies!), Group winners and Crufts qualifiers. 

Our current team Rosanyos Take That ShCM (Howard) and Rosanyos Crazy Chick (Flo) have been representing our kennel on the show circuit. They have been consistent winners of Best Puppy in Breed, Best of Breed (whilst puppies!), Puppy Group winners, Group winners, Best Puppy in Show at Open Shows and Best in Show at Open shows. Their journeys to these titles have quite often been under different judges for their breed, group and BIS, so this confirms the judges opinions through each stage of the competition and that of the quality and breed type of our boxers at Rosanyos. 

Our current youngsters consist of Tonantron Patrick (Patrick) and Tonantron Perfect Patricia (Patricia), they are litter brother and sister and have taken the show ring by storm at just a few shows they have been to, and at just 7 months old have tallied up some significant wins, at present these pups look very promising, they both have excellent temperaments. Please view them on the ‘Current Show Team’ Pages. They are both by our own Rosanyos Take that ShCM (Howard).


ROSANYOS TAKE THAT ShCM - has completed his assessments for a fully operational PAT dog (Pets as Therapy) and passed with flying colours, he is now accompanying Aiden on his hospital visits and putting a big smile on poorly children's faces!!! He loves his new 'job', we were inspired by the PAT dogs that used to visit the Oncology ward at Bristol Children's Hospital, Aiden was so excited to see them, so we felt we had a 'special' dog for the job at home, so Howard was put through his paces, and is now fully operational! Keep an eye out for the pictures to follow when Howard's new fluorescent lycra vest arrives!!! 

Howard also holds the Bronze award for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme. He is also a very successful show dog, he holds the Kennel Club Show Certificate of Merit which is a very prestigious show certificate to notch up, he has a special temperament for all his other 'hats' that he wears, but most of all he is a much loved member of our family. Aiden & Kian are both Junior members of Pets as Therapy.