Okehampton & District Canine Society 16/9/18
Boxers (3 classes)

Maidenhead & District Canine Society 17/2/18
Boxers (4 classes)

Merseyside Boxer Club 4/2/18
Special Puppy Event & Special Junior Event 8 classes

Marlborough and District Canine Society - 2nd May 2016

Thank you to the committee of Marlborough and District Canine Society for giving me the opportunity to judge boxers at their show.

(Class 220 - Boxer - Puppy)( 4 entries - 2 absentees)
1st: WINUWUK MINERVA MENA AT PINEDOWN - a lovely 11 month old red and white bitch. A very smart youngster with an elegant presence, nice movement and pleasing head. Dark, inviting eyes and square bite with evident stop. I was pleased to award her RBOB and BPIB
2nd: XENINDICA FUTURE TREASURE - a nicely constructed 9 month old red and white dog, he had a clean outline and nice head with a lovely square bite. A promising youngster.

(Class 221 - Boxer - Junior)( 1 entry - 1 absentee)

(Class 222 - Boxer - Graduate)( 3 entries - 2 absentees)
1st: PINGARYPOINT MISS DIOR - a nice brindle and white 19 month old bitch. She had a clean, well constructed outline with a good head and square bite. She had lovely, dark eyes and a clean head and evident stop. A nice bitch.

(Class 223 - Boxer - Post Graduate)( 1 entry - 0 absentees)
1st: SANDCLIFFE PHOENIX RISING OVER SEBRIVILLE - a tidy 4 year old red birch who moved well around the ring. A clean head, inviting eyes, good movement and square mouth complemented nicely towards her overall appearance.

(Class 224 - Boxer - Open)( 3 entries - 0 absentees)
1st: WINUWUK THRILLING TIME FOR PINEDOWN -  a nice brindle and white 2 year old boy, who had tidy movement, clean head and inviting eyes. He had a good body shape and a nice square bite. I had no hesitation in awarding him BOB
2nd: SEBRIVILLE ARDBEG ANGEL - a lovely 9 year old brindle and white bitch. She had tidy movement and a nice body shape. Pleasing eyes and a good mouth made which complimented her head nicely. 

Ilfracombe & District Canine Society - 6th February 2016
Thank you to the committee of Ilfracombe & District Canine Society for giving me the opportunity to judge Boxers at their show.

(Class 161 - Boxer - Junior) (1 entry, 1 absentee)
(Class 162 - Boxer - Post Graduate) (2 entries) (1 absentee)
1st: KAI THE CORNISH BEAR - a lovely dark red 5 year old bitch with a square body and good square bite. Clean, tidy movement with a well balanced body tone. Dark eyes and strong head. I was happy to award her BOB and was pleased to watch her achieve group 4 in a strong working group. 
2nd: N/A

(Class 163 - Boxer - Open) (3 entries, 1 absentee)
1st: EWNYBOX THE CORNISH ISSUE JW - a smart brindle and white3 year old dog with a clean head and dark, pleasing eyes. He was square and had nice steady movement.
2nd: KAOTIK ARIADNE - a nice red and white 2 year old bitch that looked smart, she had a nice square mouth and steady movement with lovely dark eyes. Would prefer more to see more muscle but is something that will definitely come in time as she is still quite young.

Stourbridge & District Canine Society - 27th December 2015
Thank you to the committee of Stourbridge & District Canine Society for giving me the opportunity to judge what promised to be an excellent turnout of Boxers. Unfortunately the numbers were decimated and after seeing the catalogue after I judged, I know that most of those entered were from kennels which are/or have recently been blighted by Kennel cough. I respect your decision not to attend a show until your dogs are clear of this illness and look forward to seeing you in the near future. My sole contender for BOB was PINGARYPOINT MISS DIOR who was the Junior class winner. She was a nice brindle and white, 15 month old bitch, well balanced with nice movement. She had a good, square bite with dark eyes and an evident stop. She was at obvious harmony in the ring. 

The Midland Boxer Club Special Puppy & Junior Event - 28th November 2015
Best Special Puppy - (Cook & Postance) Manic Heart of Glass
Best Special Junior - (Beardsell & Van Beck) Newlaithe Bug On JW
Best in Special Event - (Beardsell & Van Beck) Newlaithe Bug On JW

Photos courtesy of Chris Kallai (Midland BC Committee)

Newlaithe Bug On JW                                            Manic Heart Of Glass

Critiques from The Midland Boxer Club SPECIAL EVENT

6-8 Months (Dog): 0 entries
8-10 Months (Dog):
1st:A lovely red dog with a strong confident feel and presence in the ring, this dog had a nice square mouth with good dentition. steady consistent movement, a nice dog with a potentially bright future show career

10-12 Months (Dog):
1st: a brindle and white well balanced, mature and confident puppy. this dog had nice movement with a square, flowing body shape. A nice head with a good bite and correct lip to lip placement. (BSPD)

6-8 Months (Bitch):
1st:A nice brindle bitch with steady movement. Had a good bite with a strong confident energy which was shown in the ring. there was nothing knocking her confidence. A nice quality show dog in the making,

8-10 Months (Bitch):
1st:A lovely brindle bitch with nice movement and style about her, she had correct even square bite with good dentition. Clean expressive head, elegant neck which flowed down to her withers. Lovely top line which she held well on the move. A promising puppy with a bright future ahead. 
2nd: well built brindle bitch, she had a nice, even tone of muscle across her body. She was well balanced with good overall profile. Pleasing head with good bite.

10-12 Months (Bitch):
1st:brindle & white bitch of correct structure, dark eyes with good shape, lovely expression, alert and showy temperament. Good steady confident movement. She had a good head with well set ears that gave her an alert  expression. An evenly muscled and toned body with lovely flowing shape, she stood out from the crowd.  She has a very promising future. (BSPB)

Best Special Puppy: (Bitch) winner of class 10-12 Months

12-15 Months (Dog): 0 entries
15-18 Months (Dog):
1s: A stunning golden brindle boy with well toned body and structure. He had a nice head and a flowing body which caught the eye every time. The movement on this dog was phenomenal, gobbling up the ground with every stride - as a boxer should! He had dark, inviting eyes and good square mouth. He was at obvious harmony with his handler. I had no hesitation in giving him best overall winner. (BSJD)(BSJE)(BSE)
12-15 Months (Bitch):
1st: A nice brindle bitch with correct head and a nice square mouth. This bitch had good steady movement, which expressed the correct boxer structure well. A  nice show dog in the making. (BSJB)
15-18 Months (Bitch):
1st: A nice brindle bitch with good structure and shape. This bitch had a good square mouth, with nice head shape and correct lip to lip placement. This bitch had a nice even tone and a good movement which carried her around the ring. A very nice show dog.
2nd: A nice brindle bitch with a good future showing career, had a nice head with pleasant eyes and a good square mouth. She had foot perfect movement with nice shape and flow.

Best Special Junior: (Dog) Winner of class 15-18 Months

Best Special Event: (Dog) Winner of class 15-18 Months (BSE)

The Cotswold Boxer Club Match Night - 8th July 2015
Best Puppy in Match & Best in Match

L-R Best Puppy, Best Adult, Best Novice & Best Puppy Walk

The Merseyside Boxer Club CH Show April 2015 - Junior Handling Classes

The Winners

Winners of 6-11 Years

Winner 12-16 Years

Battling it out for Best Junior Handler

Junior Handling Critiques

1st 6-11yrs & Best Overall Handler - a very alert handler who moved accordingly to the judges position. He got the very best out of his bitch and fulfilled everything that was required. During the challenge of best junior handler he didn't let his focus between his dog and the judge slip, displaying neat lines and tidy turns. He was at harmony with his dog at all times, it was easy to recognise the bond they had with each other, showing all the right signs of the making of a good handler. I had no hesitation in giving him his class and best overall junior handler

2nd 6-11yrs - a very talented handler with great handling abilities who showed her dog well in the class, she handled with great confidence and expressed her handling skills well

3rd 6-11yrs - a good handler with great abilities achieving a good placing in her class, she handled her. Dog well in the class, a very good handler with great potential

4th 6-11yrs - a good, young handler, showing her dog well, she had to work hard to get her dog performing and she achieved this with both great confidence and patience. A very promising handler in the making

1st 12-16yrs & reserve best handler - a very good handler who presented her bitch to the best of the her ability, she was alert and watcher where the judge was stood at all times. Another very competent young handler, hope you keep up the good work and continue to build your handling skills